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1…T9+ 11.5th…Rm1068 2…S9k 14th…Rm1668 3…New Oem psu SURMA 2150watt rm238 4…New Oem psu J2/J3 1600/2000watt rm168/rm238 5…S9,T9+ fan 6000 rpm rm28 6…Bitm...

t2t 25T

阿拉丁 t2t 25T 价格优惠 现货 ~便宜卖  

Antminer (Bitcoin)

First hand/second handInbox -Original psu from bitmain-Stock direct from bitmainANTMINER for sell

Miner, psu, fan, rack, power cord, hosting and repair

Want to buy m3, s9, z9/z11 used Oem psu slim type 1800 watt rm280 Oem psu slim type 2000 watt rm280 Oem psu power 1850watt rm240, post from penang Miner fan 6000 rpm rm36 Miner fan 7200 rpm rm36 Bitma...

StrongU U6 first batch (end july -beginning August )

WTS: first batch U6 (end july to beginning August ) Qty: 3 pcs Price: $2980 including international shipping whatsapp me for more details: +8617875427757 wechat: 326494352

Pls dm me for details

Pls dm me for details, we are located jn Hong Kong and Shenzhen, welcome to visit    

asic miners

    pm me, WhatsApp: +8617875427757

All type of Antminer

Bitbot Asia Antminer S9 with bitmain psu RM2xxx***Just send out from BITMAIN Antminer T9+ with oem psu RM13xx PM for more infoWechat: stevelau_0923

Used equipment ready for shipping

E9+ 850¥s9 13t 2000¥r4 1550¥ 800ws9 13.5t 2200¥ 🛒MOQ 20, for test shipping can give less than. 💰Payment method: To Hongkong company, to all of Chinese banks, cryptocurrency. 📦Delivery to any country 📞...