Point System and Membership Levels

What is point system and how to get points?

CCMalaysia rewards our users with our Point system. By providing certain contribution to the community such as below will allow you to earn points for our free gifts.

To earn points,  you may perform these actions below to earn specific amount of points.

  • 100 Points – Blog/Marketplace Product Post Creation
  • 10 Points – Daily login
  • 5 Points – Reply and comments 
  • 20 Points- Sharing Any Post 
  • 100 Points – Like our facebook page (once) 
  • 100 Points – Refer a friend with referral and successfully sign up
  • Variable – Referred users made any purchase (excluding Free Gifts)
  • RM10 = 1 Points – Purchasing any product (excluding Free Gifts)
  • 50 Points – Sign up as Member (verification required)
  • 10 Points – Review product (only approved review)
  • 20 Points – Forum Topic Creation

Membership Levels

CCMalaysia’s contents are available by registering as members. Currently we have 3 types of member available as below


  • Cryptocurrency and Mining tips Telegram Group Exclusive for Gold Tier only
  • 5000$ value of Airdrop from random ICO (distributed to random users)
  • Premium Mining tips and contents that only available from workshops and seminars
  • Exclusive Discussion and Forums
  • 10% Discount for Point Redeemable
  • Includes previous benefits for Silver and Normal members


  • Cryptocurrency and Mining tips Telegram Group Exclusive for Silver Tier only
  • 1000$ value of Airdrops from random ICO (distributed to random users)
  • 5% Discount for all Point Redeemable gifts
  • Include Normal member benefit

Normal (free member)

  • Latest News for Cryptocurrency
  • Latest Reviews for trading or exchange platforms
  • Public Forum and Discussion
  • Access to Crypto-related Marketplace (mining machines/softwares, cryptocurrency)
  • Able to collect points for redeemable gifts


You can check your current available points at the Free Gift page or on the right side bar.

No, currently there are no limit how many points you could earn per day. However please do avoid spamming and your point intake will be monitored as well.

No, the points will be available until you used it for any redemption.

Contact us to upgrade your membership. However a fee will be required for both Silver and Gold Member.