MINER DESIGNER repair miner to avoid/reduce chances of faulty or send back warranty

*Hashboard if never repair on other place 100% repairable. ESPECIALLY S17/T17, do refer to the PIC i show, price will different if repair from outside before
Repair Menu
Antminer S17/T17/S15/T15 = RM330
Antminer S11 = RM90
Antminer T9+/L3+/T9/S9/S9i/S9J
= RM40 *warranty 2 weeks
= RM45 *warranty 1 month
Innosillicon T2T = RM140※
WhatsMiner M20 = RM380※
WhatsMiner M21 = RM200※
Cheetah F3 = RM150
Avalon 921 = RM80
Controller Board
L3+/S9/T9/T9+/S9K/S9SE = RM50
Other Controller Board
Antminer S11>AvalonInnosiliconWhatsminer = RM120
S9 13.5TH to 20TH = RM50
*just send controller board
*beginning power 1800+, average out <1600watt
= RM45 warranty 2wks
= RM50 warranty 1mths
Antminer S11 PSU = RM90
<3000watt = RM120
>3000watt = RM180
Innosillicon T2T = RM120
*Repair b4 price = TBC
*Certain items price can be nego if got volume
*warranty start once repair from repair center
*Warranty sticker damage = no warranty
*Need whole miner send in for repair (S11>Avalon and etc)
※ Symbol depend on availability and volume
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