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S9/S9i/S9j with bitmain psu 1600W
S9/S9i pro6 19.5-20T with bitmian psu 1800W
S15 28T/T15 23T/S11 19.5-20.5T
T17 40/42T
S17pro 53T
Z11j 105K/Z11 135K
E3 190M
t2t 25t/26t/29t/30t
t1 32t/l2 28t/30t
t2 17.2t
a1 22t/s5 22t
1066pro 55t
1066 50t
910 18.5t/911 19.5t
920 18t/921 20t
M21S 52t/54t
M20 62T/65T
M10 33T
Brand new and used miner,Use will be tested and new packaging shipped📲

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