power cord, hosting and repair

T9+11.5th new rm5xx S17, T17 pm S9i 14.5th bitmain psu rm7xx, next friday arrival S9j 14.5th bitmain psu rm8xx ready stock T9+ oem psu used rm4xx Oem psu slim type 2000 watt rm230, more can nego Oem psu power 1850watt rm180 Bitmain psu apw7++ used rm220 Mimer fan for s9 t9 rm28 Miner fan 6000 rpm rm34 Miner fan 7200 rpm rm34 Bitmain psu fan rm16 Silencer stimulator rm18, take all rm15, last 15 units Power cord 1.5mm2 rm15 Psu replacement cable rm45 Hosting rm160 (got 1 to 1 compensation) and repair also available Whatsapp 0173584969

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