Alright folks, I haven’t mined ETH in about a year

rying out the Phoenix Miner on Nicehash. (Laugh all you want, mining is mostly just about numbers for me.)

I was running 25 1070s/1070ti/1080s on ETH for at least 6 months last year, with STRIX 1070 triple fans being my favorite at a solid 29-31mhs @ 100w each. I haven’t tested power draw but check out these two rigs. Mostly STRIX 1070s, with an MSI Titanium 1070ti and 2x Zotac 1070s thrown in.One is in a cool-ish 12×20 uninsulated garage with exhaust fan at around 50f, the other is in my 15×25 living room at 75f. I’ve NEVER seen my STRIX 1070s hash as low as that living room rig in the photo.

What could it be? Same exact hardware specs, same security settings, the garage rig is slightly more overclocked on the memory due to the Zotacs upstairs. I’ve been using/monitoring both rigs remotely with no issues forever. They were mining RVN perfectly right before the switch. I suppose they could use a good cleaning, especially the one in the living room because my garage has a filtered intake.
Open aluminum frames
Biostar TB85
2x4gb ddr3
120gb SSD w/ 50gb virtual memory
EVGA 1300w G2 PSU
i3 1150
5/6 1070 series GPUs each
Ah…let me at least unplug/reset the usb wi-fi adapter on the living room rig with issues. I haven’t had wi-fi adapter trouble in 6 months although most of my mining setup is hard wired now across the house.

Note: I’ve been mining RVN/GRIN on and off for almost a year; I made the decision that ETH (for GPUs) is a little more predictable profitability wise, at least for now. I suspect/hope for a GRIN pump within the next few months though. I’m still holding RVN and GRIN, and am very anxious for a public tZero launch and GRIN Mini Miner deliveries.

*** I’m also on the hunt for cheap 8gb or nicely priced high-end GPUs willing to be sold through Dream’s Escrow on Discord, over 15 BTC worth of public (blockchain) escrow deals completed thus far through the channel as a whole. Better than any other option right now against scams. ***

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