Miner, psu, oc, fan, rack, power cord, hosting and repair

T9+ oc to 13th
S9 oc to 15th-16th
L3+ oc to 625mh
Z9 mini oc to 14-15ksol

65usd coupon rm5

Apw7 bitmain psu rm360
T9+ ready stock rm420, one day personal warranty
Used T9+ with oem psu rm410
S9j 14.5th bitmain psu apw7 used. Rm8xx, last units. 
Used s9 and t9+ self pm
Used z9 mini rm9xx, buy 3 free a psu.

Used bitmain apw3++ rm150, quantity pm
Oem psu 1800 watt slim type 94% efficiency rm290
Oem psu 1600 watt slim type 93% rm285 personal warranty 1 to 1 exchange 2 weeks

Miner fans 6000rpm for s9, d3, a3, l3+ rm38 (free two weeks one to one exchange) 
Used miner fan rm25
Oem psu fan rm15
Bitmain psu fan rm20

Rack system with hardboard (6′ * 18″ * 6′) rm275

Power cord 1.0mm2 rm11
Power cord 1.5mm2 rm16

Exhaust fans 3 phase china ready stock
2′ * 2′ rm550
3′ * 3′ rm1050

Hosting services s9 and t9+ rm1xx more detail can pm me.
Repair also available. One months personal warranty

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