Hourschain Weekly Report (2018.09.17-2018.09.21)

Hourschain is strive to build a complete personal health data file, combined with genetic technology, to help individuals solve their health problems. Directly allow the medical institutions, medical insurance institutions or health care institutions handle the users peer-to-peer. This is to solve the issues of medical resources medical insurance and nursing data mismatching.

The following are the latest updates

Market Trending


1. Basic operations

● As of September 21, Hourschain has been registered with more than 7815 partners. The HOURS development team is not sleeping, and is working tirelessly to bring you the best experience.

● As of September 21, the number of Hourschain communities has exceeded 47,425 community partners.

2. Market Trending

● Hourschain HOR Token are now available on PRRK.ONE exchange.

The Hourschain’s HOR Token was launched on the PRRK.ONE exchange. The opening price was reported at US$0.065, and the highest price rose to US$0.2337, an increase of 213%.

Hourchains aims to use the RTMLTS chip to collect personal health data, combined with an independently developed data analysis module, using IPFS technology to store data in the blockchain.

At present, Hourschain has been established on 4 Chinese communities, and its APP is available on major appstores.

3. Ongoing campaign

Transaction of 100 BTC above for a MASERATI SEDAN.


  • First place: Maserati car (net purchase ≥100BTC)
  • Second place: 2 BTCs (net purchase ≥10BTC)
  • Third place: iPhone XS (net purchase ≥1BTC)

Participation steps

During the event, all users perform transaction in the HOR Token(Hourschain) transaction (Total purchase = buy amount -sell amount) are eligible for this campaign. If you participate in the event, please be sure to contact the customer service assistant during the event, WeChat: PARK.ONE-1, Full Name, Contact Number, ID, and current address.

Announcement of Winner

The result should be announced within 3 days after the event ended, the platform will compile the transaction data, and any users who are perform transaction spam will be disqualified from participating in the event. The activity reward will be sent to the user within three days after the data is processed.

Event Period

2018.9.20—2018.10.12 (18:00)

Source: Hourschain


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