Crypt-King, David Justin

david justinCrypt King organised by a team of three person by Justin Tan , David Yang & David Lim from Business and IT background. Their mission is to provide the public and provide as much as info & knowledge of Cryptocurrency in Malaysia. Their Vision is to foreseen the future now and be prepare for it. While everyone questioning it what it is cryptocurrency and blockchain, Crypt King is strived to give the ANSWER and PREPARATION for what it’s coming.

“Crypt-King” is the previous branding and currently it rebranded into  “David Justin”, which is the combination of the 3 main speaker of Crypt-king.They do not offer any ICO or Financial product for sale towards the public and students while only provide blockchain and cryptocurrency related workshop , seminars and speeches.

There are a variety of workshops they provide such as Cryptocurrency Workshop , which covers

1. What is Cryptocurrency?
2. Why Cryptocurrency is the future?
3. How to follow trend, benefit from Cryptocurrency?

Also there are classes which covers about ICO, mining, and the concept of utilising cryptocurrency/blockchain into your currently business.

Most of the classes and workshop courses provided are taught with mandarin or english which caters most of the interested individuals or groups in Malaysia.

Source: Crypt-King

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