HYCON is an Hyperconnected Coin digital asset and blockchain mainframe which is developed by HYCON team for a faster and scalable blockchain applicant on any compatible system. Lead by Taewo Kim as the CEO while Owen Delahoy and Niall Moore as the Development Team lead which consist of a large array of young but talented blockchain engineers and other related departments. Currently partnered with Frankfurt Block chain center, Chaineer and one of the well known crypto-exchange, OKEX.

In a simple way, HYCON is an cryptocurrency wallet that can be used by any individual or organisations as longest the payment system or cryptocurrency are compatible. It could also integrated with your Ledger Hardware wallet by simply integrating it with their App that are available on their website. Otherwise it could just function as an independent hot wallet for your cryptocurrencies while in addition of Hycon’s blockchain framework. Users are given the choice to install the chrome browser extension for easier monitor on your wallet and blockchain activity as well.

The ICO of Hycon has been a success and been completed on 10 of May by the period of 1 month since 30 of March. It have successfully achieved the hardcap of $22million equal to 30,000 of ETH.

Source: HYCON

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