Dexon is an blockchain framework developed specifically to compatible with DApps which allows it to have a more scalable, low-latency and energy efficient block-latticed technology. A distributed ledger technology based on a blocklattice architecture and DEXON Consensus Algorithm (DCA).

By providing an infinitely scalable, permissionless, low-latency, and Byzantine fault tolerant decentralized platform for DApps development, DEXON aims to solve existing bottlenecks that hinder the mass adoption of blockchain technology.

The DEXON inter-chain bridging protocol can support any kind of DLT to be bridged onto the DEXON network – making it inter-operable between different blockchain systems.

The Key Benefits of applying DEXON onto your DApps will enable the benefits as below

While DApps are being adapted on multiple types of business and organizations, below are the examples of what DEXON could be applied on

In short, DEXON promoted itself as one of the fastest blockchain platforms that are able to substantially increase the transaction speed on any types of applications.

Currently there are no ICO or any specialised token by DEXON are officially announced despite the application of DEXON somewhat mentioned their own specialised token.

Source: DEXON

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