Tourisz is a B2C marketplace driven by Artificial Intelligence and act as a one-stop platform to eradicate the = restrictions while bridging the gap between the Travel Industry and the need to adapt Blockchain Technology. Tourisz plans to remove the hurdles through a Gamified Crowdsourced Content. Currently it is lead by Devan Kumar and a group of Malaysian which consist of multiple ethnicity and experienced professions in related fields.

The platform is powered by artificial intelligence, Virtual Reality and Augmented reality providing a complete 3-D experience. These are integrated with the blockchain and a KYC infused tokens, enabling the tourists to have a safe, secure and hassle-free travel. In addition, the marketplace allows services such as Nearby Events, amenities around the Hotel and speciality cuisines in the travel destinations.

The platform will mutually benefit the travellers and service providers in a secure environment. Tourisz booking engine is connected to the insurance holder and Artificial Intelligence to triggers Insurance based on the images in social media and upon the review. These features make the platform distinct, the users are taken on an ecstatic journey and they get to enjoy the perks too.

How does Tourisz works in Tourism?

In short, the what Tourisz works is where all the tourism related services will be integrated into one blockchain system where all information will be managed by AI engine. Thus making every step from booking your tour package to processing insurance in one go.

Tourisz have just recently started their private fundrasing for TOZ token ICO and it will end by 30th of August 2018. The public sales for the ICO will start on 1st of October 2018.

The usage of TOZ token will be solely for Tourisz blockchain services with the total supply of 1 Billion TOZ. TOZ is created based on ERC20 which allows it to be stored on any ERC20 compatible wallets mainly Ethereum.

Source: Tourisz

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