EUNEX is the evolution of trading exchange which combines the high performance of centralized exchanges and high security of decentralized exchanges. Founded since early 2018 and lead by a list of talented young or highly experienced innovators, programmers, system architects and some of the industry’s brightest legal and business minds. The high performance off-chain trading system is capable of computing millions of transactions in a second, while allowing users to retain control over their own funds and store them on distributed blockchain to minimize the risk of being hacked.


Eunex provide these services as well as opposed to normal cryptocurrency exchange platforms such as below.


Other than provides these services, Eunex create their very own cryptocurrency known as ENX token which are generated for its platform uses. The main functions and details regarding ENX token are as below.


While Eunex runs and manage their very own ENX token, they also owns a masternode which are formed by early investors and were segregated into 3 different levels.


EUNEX intends to position itself as a high-tech cryptocurrency trading platform that integrates the strengths of diversified trading platforms in order to fulfil the demands of the cryptocurrency market. Started by looking at factors and problems affecting cryptocurrency exchanges and has decided to build its own cryptocurrency ecosystem with attractive features that will based on the foundations of established exchange platforms, integrating its strength while solving its limitations.

Source: Eunex

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