Arloid is mainly an automation technology ogranisation, providing “smart” technology onto our daily applicants such as light, surveillance camera and security systems. All the smart applicants can be remotely controlled via our frequently used smart phone apps.

Recently, Arloid have started their own ICO with the vision of intergrating all smart products into an ecosystem via blockchain technology. It combines the Arloid highly secured Smart Home devices with the Arloid Platform, which allows the Arloid Community to choose, vote and fund potential IoT partners, therefore influencing Ecosystem growth routes.

By using the ecosystem, Community members will be able to choose, vote and fund potential IoT partners, as well as control their devices, all from one mobile application and be rewarded for active participation and sharing data.

IoT developers will be able to get real people’s opinion, materialize ideas, be integrated into Arloid mobile application, open additional retail channel, as well as monetize data generated from devices.

The structure of Arloid ecosystem is as below

Arloid’s ICO was planned to initiate on 1st of September 2018 with the soft cap of $6 Million and hard cap of $35 Million. The Token will be ERC-20 Compatibile based off Ethereum and with the total supply of 592 Millions of token.

Source: Arloid.

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