MEGA HUGE CONE for heat Dispersal for Antminer D3/S9/L3+/S7

MEGA HUGE CONE for heat Dispersal for Antminer D3/S9/L3+/S7 using plastic cone [5.8 inches diameter] especially home mining. [5 inches also available]

1. Attach Plastic Cone to Fan [out]. [unscrew the 4 screw, attach Cone and screw back]
2. Attach flexible alumium duct to plastic cone
3. tighten plastic clip.

You invested BIG BUCKS in an antminer ! Enemy of electrical equipment is heat. Invest SMALL BUCKS to ensure heat is properly transferred out.

Ensures 100% of hot air fully taken out [ideally the other end of duct is the window]

Aluminium flexible duct (use 6″) and plastic clip easy to find in hardware shop (and NOT included).

Confirmed and tested on L3+, D3 and S9.

Pricing for plastic cone as below.

1 to 4 pieces; rm90 each
5 to 9 pieces; rm80 each
10 pieces onwards; rm70 each

If prefer 5 inches, less RM10 to above.

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