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HarapanCoin is a first Malaysia governmental based ICO and started its initial idea since January 2017 and launched their first pre-sales ICO on January 2018. What is actually HarapanCoin and how does it work? HarapanCoin is developed by an unknown group of patriotic and concerned Malaysian citizens which consist of multiple professionals for the upcoming 14th General Election.

The main reason why does HarapanCoin is developed fund opposition party also known as Pakatan Harapan in general election by raising funds. There are previously issues when it comes to funding opposition parties by using traditional bank transfer, which thus Aziz.M (Identity unknown) resort to using Blockchain technology for fund raising.

Currently, the only purpose of HarapanCoin is a fund raising medium and does not have it own commercial value yet as it does not integrate on any form of business and firms. However, based on the Whitepaper provider, it is planned to be used as an incentive coin or actual currency given if the Pakatan Harapan won the incoming general election. Whether does HarapanCoin is indeed an actual usable currency in the coming future are currently unknown. Given if there are any updates on HarapanCoin, this summarised review will be revised and updated accordingly.

If you wish to support the Pakatan Harapan for the coming up General Election, you may purchase HarapanCoin as a way of funding them.

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