Everus is a Malaysia cryptocurrency mobile app platform that allows merchant regardless of traditional or online merchant to integrate with the smart wallet payment system. The smart wallet utilise the Smart contract based of Ethereum to make payment for goods and services by using their mobile app as longest the merchant has integrate with Everus. They are started up their very own ICO, Everus token or known as EVR which based on ERC20 (Ethereum) tokens.

Recently Everus is starting up an project known as Everus World which integrates and provides an all-in-one function for cryptocurrency such as payment gateway, accounting tool, online shopping, cryptocurrency exchange, borrowing and lending features (ledgering) and also mining.

EverusMall, a sub-brand of Everus which provides online shopping services as similar to Lazada. Mainly the services provided in EverusMall is online shopping with the additional of integration to Everus’s Smart wallet in the future , where users could purchase products by using cryptocurrency.

Everus is actively providing events and participation in events to increase the coverage of their brand whilelist providing blockhchain knowledge to consumers and merchant.

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