Pitis is a cryptocurrency provider firm which solely produce it very own coin known as PitisCoin. Pitis is established and headquartered at Batu Gombak, Selangor while their very first Pitis started it’s own ICO on October 2017. They have advertised themselves as Malaysia’s very own cryptocurrency and was introduced in Coinexchange.io by the end of the year.

Pitiscoin functions is said to be similarly to BTC however in a more efficient way and  better transaction time compared to BTC. The PitisCoin difference is its users will also gain benefit from it even in saving. Pitiscoin has been designed to support other projects based on Blockchain technology. The success rate of upcoming project will be the bench mark of stability and value gains of in open market. Therefore, buyers, owners and users of Pitiscoin digital crypto will benefit tremendously once it achieve the objective stated in the whitepaper. It is also a currency that integrates into Wassiyah , which is Islamic Law of Wills that allows Pitis coin transfered to another beneficiary if death of owner occur. Currently they sought to create a largest digital crypto assets mining field in Malaysia and integrating it PitisCoin to large coverage of Malaysia as a medium of payment.

Other than integrating into businesses , it is also something like a tipping or actual currency similar to DogeCoin which allows to spend or purchase anything in the world. They will also be able to pay each other for favors, and investing for philanthropic projects.

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