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DinarCoin is is a decentralized mobile wallet developed using Blockchain technology, mobile devices and advanced security of biometric identification systems. It is a platform that simplifies the process of making payments, as well as trading and exchanging digital currencies and gold among users with real-time price monitoring facility. The wallet is integrated with NFC Card to create association between the conventional financial service and cryptocurrency market.’s wallet uses the biometric login system which allows users to login via face recognition. This allows increase of security system compared with older document or ID login, thus making it more hard to be accessed by someone other than the actual user. The biometric is made possible via face recognition by using Microsoft Azure API.

Other than used by individuals , it can be also integrated with other firms with their Open source stacks and API. This allows more businesses to join and and adapt blockchain system transaction where it promotes a more secure payment channel. By providing open source and api, new entry businesses and Fintech are also encouraged to startup their very own ideas.

Based on’s road map , they have planned to startup their own ICO this year and it is currently still unannounced how the token will be used on. Recently they are announced to integrate with a gold backed cryptocurrency known as DinarCoins as well.

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