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EcoBit is one of the latest in crypto credit offered to the general public which has its foundation built on sustainable green projects. EcoBit uses a tried and tested blockchain technology called NEM, the same technology being used in a commercial blockchain called Mijin which is currently being tested by financial institutions and private companies in Japan and internationally.

Individuals or organizations who join as a part of the community will participate on the go-green project. With its value being supported by NEM blockchain technology, blockchain ledgers will be used to track all the credits involved in transactions and to maintain an accurate position of how much credit one actually owns. These EcoBit credits can be used for eco-programs and personal benefits as the NEM platform provides services such as payments, messaging, asset making and naming system. The changes of value of EcoBit credits will be securely managed using the same blockchain technology.

The on-going growth of EcoBit value is backed by the economic and financial gains accorded by the mega programmes of green ecology planned out. Income generated from EcoBit credits, and eco-projects such as Spirulina farming, Aquaponic farming will be used to grow the EcoBit Global Ecosystem around the world.Members will get to share the gains in kind or have the opportunity to participate in these farming programs. In short when individuals participates on these eco-projects will able to earn EcoBit’s currency as an payment. This is an encouragement for everyone to contribute eco-project for protecting the environment while returned with Eco currency as incentives.

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