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SEDA is a Malaysia Recruitment based company that established since 2017 and currently led by Lurion Yee. They are also starting up their very own ICO token sales to complement the blockchain recruitment system they have setup.

The concept of SEDA’s recruitment system is based on Ethereum’s smart contract and build to create a trustworthy system for both employer and employee. In short the recruitment system consist of Employee will keep their personal data which includes resumes and portofolio in the blockchain system, using the SEDA blockchain system, Employers will be able to retrieve the potential employee’s resume and portofolio without any interventions by 3rd parties. Thus, only employer will have the specific information of employee and not being misused or recreated by any 3rd parties or unauthorised individual.

To complement their recruitment system, their very own SEDA token is created to raise fund which used as a medium to run the recruitment blockchain.The token pre-sale is announced on their road map and to be launched within April and further sales will be held till June. For more information , their website can be reached on the link below.

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  1. Dennis Whitney

    Great Project guys. I hope you all great success!!


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