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Finterra is a Fintech organization, providing “Social Solutions for Blockchain”. They are committed to the continuous growth of the community and technical advancement of the Finterra Blockchain model. It is currently led by Mazlan Ahmad, a well seasoned banker with the experience in finance for the past 20 years. Currently they are based on Malaysia , Singapore and Hongkong.

Finterra as its name including the Fin in Fintech, it is all about financial related stuffs which includes from services of software consultation ,development and training. On products , they provides a wide range of product which include hotel and flight bookings, e-commerce , gaming and reward system. Currently they also provide Blockchain consultancy for businesses who wish to include blockchain into their system.

Finterra provided their services and products nationwide and connected with global brands which varies from East asia to Western continents that include but not excluding Africa ,Europe and Middle East. Local firms that connected to their network are the well know telecommunication providers such as Digi , Celcom , Maxis and Umobile. Currently they have announced to launch their very own ICO , however no further information was disclosed until further notice.

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