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HelloGold is a Gold investment platform based in Malaysia and targeting the ordinary citizens who unable to own a larger amount of gold.This allows ordinary citizen the capability to create micro savings with gold which is one of the most sought precious metal in the world. By using HelloGold platform, users will be able to purchase Gold with international spot prices by using their mobile phone and begone with hefty procedures in the bank.

Normally bank provides gold keeping or trading services however there will be charges upon safe keeping your gold by banks. Meanwhile buying gold will require a certain minimum while HelloGold provides the ordinary citizen to buy gold as low as RM1 per purchase.

It is currently building up their innovation in another ICO project closely related with their main service HelloGold , which named as GOLDX. GOLDX is a gold backed token currency which each token holds 99.9% of the exact value of gold. HelloGold is led by a highly experienced team and their blockchain system is build around Ethereum “Smart Contract” system which emphasizes on authentic trading.

HelloGold collaborates with big organizations such as Aeon and banks, also one of the first online gold platform registered as MSC status company and the first certified Shariah compliant online gold platform in the world.

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