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Edge Wallet Review

Edge wallet is still under Beta testing, any reviews provided here are not entirely representing the actual product itself as changes might applied from time to time.

Edge wallet is a recently established cryptocurrency wallet that rebranded from a previously well know Bitcoin wallet , Airbitz. You may have a look for its different on our previous review for the wallet. Both are actually still functioning as Edge is currently still in beta.


  • Retains the simple and easy to use interface, suitable for beginner
  • Supports multiple coins such as LTC, ETH, BCH, REP, WINGS and REP
  • Open source as similar to Airbitz


  • Still in Beta Phase
  • Some function might not functioning properly

Are there any payment required to use Edge?

Edge is a free to use Mobile wallet app as similar to Airbitz. It can be downloaded for free and transaction fees are charged by respective coin’s network. Each different currencies will have different transaction fees .

What are the key features and functionality?

Edge is supports a small variety of alternative coins other than Bitcoin such as Litecoin , Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Augur and Wings. Since Edge is integrated with ShapeShift , one of the biggest crypto-only exchange , there are also possibility of other alt-coins to be supported. With Shapeshift integrated on Edge, users may now get access to one of the largest exchange and purchase cryptocurrencies. One of the key features of Edge is the integration with Decentralized Apps (DAPPS) which allows you to connect to apps and integrate with your Edge wallet.

How does transaction works on Edge?

To send or receive coins using a multiple currency supported will first require to determine the correct wallet address. For example if you wish to send Ethereum , the receiver will have to provide the Ethereum wallet address. If non-compatible wallet address are given, transaction might not go through or lost. Vice versa if you wish to receive coin then you would have to provide the sender the correct address.

How does the wallet works?

The difference of Edge is different than others in market is that Edge wallet can be integrated with other decentralised app such as Wings and Augur. This is also one of the reason why Wings and Augur is supported on Edge. Doing so will enable your wallet to be accessed on other places thus connecting all apps with only one wallet.

How secure is Edge?

Since Airbitz is considerably safe for such a long period, Edge is also running the same security algorithm as similar as Airbitz. Edge does not hold any knowledge or private information of users by using their app, which all password and private keys are hold by users only, thus the slogan Your Asset , Your Keys. Meanwhile, the wallet will be protected by two-factor authentication along side with your desired username and password.

Is Edge customer support attentive?

Edge’s customer support is quite attentive to issues as it would help on improving Edge’s app. They have a FAQ section which includes articles such as introducing the wallet’s key features and other related topics and issues. They can be also contacted via their support ticketing.

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