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Founded and Established since 2013, Airbitz is a Bitcoin only online wallet platform built for mobile devices. It still can be accessed and downloaded for both Android and iOS. Recently Airbitz have rebranded into a similar online wallet named as , Edge wallet. It comes with additional of new functions and now supports more alternative coins other than Bitcoin.


  • Clean and beginner friendly user interface
  • Multiple layers of security features
  • Open Source


  • Only supports mobile device
  • “Hot” wallet

Is Airbitz free to use?

Airbitz is a free to download mobile app available for both android and iOS devices. There are no charges to store any amount of Bitcoins as well. However ,if you wish to perform transaction by sending Bitcoins to another address, Bitcoin Blockchain network will still charge you depending on the size of transaction. In short , the bigger the transaction , the higher the charge.

Key Functionality and Features

The main function of Airbitz is providing a mobile version of online cryptocurrency wallet whereby transactions can be made within few buttons. One of the speciality of Airbitz is where they allow exchanges of Bitcoin with fiat currency via Gildera, a Bitcoin only exchange. Otherwise, there are also few useful utility provided in the wallet apps well such as the currency converter. Being an Open source also benefits users or businesses to integrate the wallet with other Bitcoin related firms.

How does transaction works for Airbitz?

Since Airbitz is directly connected to Bitcoin Network, obviously the transaction will go through Bitcoin’s blockchain and the app acts an wallet for the transaction. Similar to other wallets , to send or receive Bitcoins , a wallet address for Bitcoin is required from the receiving side. Once the transaction is sent, it will go through Bitcoin network and will be added to the blockchain once the confirmation is approved. Then the receiver should receive the amount of Bitcoin sent. The time used on this process varies depending on size and transaction fee.

How to setup the wallet for storing Bitcoins?

Assuming the wallet have been downloaded from Google play or Apple store and installed on your device, your first activation will prompt for the registration of wallet. It will require you to set up an username for the wallet , passphrase and pin for backup as well. Once the process above is done, you may start using the wallet directly. If you wish to purchase Bitcoins, it can be done by connecting your wallet address to exchanges or directly from Glidera.

Is Airbitz safe?

Airbitz have been operating since 2013 and still used by a large number of individuals and business as their Bitcoin wallet. Meanwhile, Airbitz does not hold or request any personal information of users during registration, thus the wallet will fully under the control of user’s device. The security of Airbitz are considerably high as the wallet is encrypted automatically if there the server are compromised or exploited. Meanwhile, it provides two factor authentication upon transaction to ensure no unauthorised access on the device.

Can i contact Airbitz for any support?

Airbitz does have customer support and they can be reached with their email at They also do have a FAQ section located here to the more commonly asked questions and issues to address. Meanwhile a Hotline of +1-844-928-9744 is provided as well which is quite uncommon for online wallet nowadays. They can also be contacted via Telegram , Whatsapp and #Slack.

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