Exodus is a multi-cryptocurrency wallet established on 2016 and supported by Windows and Mac OS platform. It is also one of the wallet that integrated with ShapeShift as similar to Jaxx Wallet. Currently it able to hold up to 22 different currencies.


  • Simple and clean interface
  • Easy and can be used straight away after setup
  • Integrated with ShapeShift for quick exchange


  • Lacks security options, such as two-factor authentication
  • Not open source

Are there any transaction fee charged ?

Exodus does not charge anything on any transaction, the transaction fee will entirely varies depending on currency used for the transaction. The fee is charged by the the cryptocurrency’s blockchain network itself.

Key Features and Functionality

The main feature of Exodus wallet is to hold and send any supported coins. Other than keeping your coins, ShapeShift is integrated with Exodus as an utility for quick exchange of coins. Meanwhile, on the starting window of Exodus is a portfolio, where it shows the overview of the coins you owned. This is mainly useful for people who wish to show their trading portfolio.

How does Exodus’s wallet actually works?

Just like Jaxx’s wallet , the wallet itself is directly integrated onto your preferred device. The setup is as easy as downloading it from their website, and install onto your device. Once the setup is done, you may start send and receive coin straight away. The steps of sending and receiving are both involved in determining the correct wallet address. On the wallet window , you may choose the coin you wish to send or receive on the left side bar.

Once your preferred coin have been selected, pressing Send will prompt for a window to input the receiver’s address and amount of coin you wish to send. There will be a transaction fee shown below and charged depending on the size of transaction.

For receiving,  pressing Receive will prompt another window with your preferred coin wallet address. A QR code and your address will be shown as below. You will be providing the wallet address to the sender for the transaction.

wallet address

There are also some widgets on below which allows you to print, copy and email the address. Additionally theres also an option to view its transaction on Blockchain.info to monitor its transaction.

Other than Sending and Receiving coins, users can also exchange their coins directly on their integrated partner ShapeShift widget in Exodus. To exchange, you will have to pick the preferred coin in your wallet and the one you wish to exchanged for.

Once the exchange is done, the coins will automatically exchanged and you should receive your coin within a short time frame. It should be shown directly on your portfolio.

Is Exodus secured enough?

For better privacy as the perk of using cryptocurrency, Exodus does not require any information or registration to use Exodus. Thus once Exodus is installed on your device, users are fully controlling their own wallet and Exodus does not have any way to access your accounts. For the ease of access, the lack of the common security measures such as two-factor authentication is an safety issue for Exodus. User’s wallet are susceptible to physical exploits such as unauthorised access via user’s device. Thus it is not desirable to use Exodus on a device used by multiple users.

Are there any customer support for Exodus?

Exodus does have a quite wide coverage of support which includes Helpdesk for both website and Exodus wallet itself. Users can choose to contact them regardless of method. There are also a FAQ section to provides some basic knowledge for users to get by. Otherwise they could also be contacted via their twitter, joining in their Slack chat and emailing them .

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