Jax Wallet Review

Jaxx is a Cryptocurrency wallet that holds a big varieties of different coins other than Bitcoin only. Currently it supports over multiple platforms, operating system and browsers extension. It also integrated with Shapeshift for ease of exchanging different cryptocurrencies.


  • One of the online wallet that provides extensive list of coin storage.
  • Highly accessible , supported by many method
  • Simple and clean interface , easy learning curve


  • Lack of proper security
  • Easily exploited when device easily accessed

How much do Jaxx charge per transaction?

Jaxx is a free app and can be downloaded without any payment needed. Meanwhile transaction fee are charged just like any other wallet where the coin’s central blockchain network will have its own fee.  The fee varies depending on the value of your transaction.

Key Features and Functionality

The main function of Jaxx is providing a very extensive and large list of cryptocurrencies that it allows to store on their wallet. Furthermore, it also allows user to hold real actual fiat currencies just like any E-wallet. Shapeshift is integrated with Jaxx’s wallet to allow users trade or buy any cryptocurrencies supported.

How does transaction works in Jax?

With Jaxx simple and clean user interface, sending and receiving are considerable easy. To send or receive any cryptocurrencies desired, users must first identify the specific coin’s wallet address. Different cryptocurrencies will have different wallet address. For example if User A wish to send BITCOIN to User B , User be will have to provide User A a BITCOIN address. Given if User B given a wallet that is not for Bitcoin, the transaction might not success or the coin might unretrievable anymore. This process will apply the same as for other coins as well. Thus users are advised to double confirm on the wallet address.

How does the wallet works?

The Jaxx wallet is fully controlled by the users and all cryptocurrencies, private keys , address and access are hold by user’s devices regardless of device type. Once the app or software installed on your device, the device will be recognised as the wallet itself, thus no registration or any personal detailed required to use Jaxx wallet. Of course, due to the ease of access to Jaxx wallet, your wallet will also be susceptible to any forms of unauthorised access.

is Jaxx secured and safe enough?

In terms of reputation, Jaxx wallet is a trustworthy wallet provider with a extended background to keep your coins without any potential inside job. They are integrated with the well known crypto-exchanges Shapeshift as well. However on the security of user’s wallet, even though users wallet will be secured with a 12 word MasterSeed to manage your multiple private keys and used as a backup, it is still possible for any physical exploitations with someone got their hands on your private keys. Thus , users are still advised to not storing a very large amount of coins in the wallet.

Does Jaxx provide and attentive to customer support?

Jaxx does provides support and an extensive FAQ section which includes guides , how-to and direct contact to Jaxx support team as well. Their support team can be reach via this article. There are multiple ways indicated on the article which includes , twitter, reddit and direct support. Once your request been sent, their representative will assist accordingly within a time frame.

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