Running a Masternode Is an Excellent Way to Earn Passive Income


When it comes to making money, there are always multiple ways with cryptocurrency. From buying/selling/exchanging any coins, investing in ICOs, or just any general approaches are common for traders. However there are some coins offer “Masternode” system which automatically rewards users with small amounts of coins for locking up a certain amount of currency and providing valuable services to the network. Even though investing for cryptocurrency is known for earning hefty amount of profit in short run which involved with buying and selling at the right time, however masternode is stil a legit way to make passive income, especially with newer currencies.

Setting up a masternode is something that new currency would adapt nowadays. In fact, roughly at least 10% of currencies in the market support this business model right now. However when compared with Bitcoin and most popular altcoins, masternodes is more than an incentive for other altcoin for people to invest in.

To put this into perspective, most currencies providing masternode services focus on privacy and anonymity. Dash is in fact the first cryptocurrency that uses the masternode incentive system for quite a long time now. It used to require users to lock up a hefty amount of coins and your hard earned currency to invest in a masternode. However, ever since masternode been picked up by more new coins , the amount of investment needed can be adjusted according to your budget depending on variety of coins. Currently is providing such service where you can filter the list and find the coin that fits your budget.

The coins shown in are filtered by “Changes%” which show how much the coin’s price changes within 24 hour period. However users can rank coins by order of price (Min worth column) to choose a master node that fits the budget you wish to invest in. The rest is to do is due to your time on researching the coin’s background before investing your hard earn money in. Coin projects should normally have these available , otherwise invest at your own risk as there are a tons of conman and scams going around.

  • the project should have a properly build website, twitter and an active Discord /Slack where developers are often online and responsive;
  • preferably the project should also have a Github page where you can notified by its progress and development;

If the project you wish to invest in have these then you can go ahead and invest you coins for a masternode to own your very first crypto passive-income. Do aware that there masternodes are starting cheap will be easily spike in prices  after being listed on so think and plan carefully before you buy.


Some people might think only newer altcoins will explore the masternode option. Some older altcoin will actually launch its own masternode system soon as well.  That is a substantial amount, and it remains to be seen how many people will benefit from this opportunity. New investors will certainly be recommended on letting their coins grow in value and earning some additional money on the side before actually investing big amount in exchanges.

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