Binance Registration Guide

Binance Registration Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Please proceed your registration on Binance with the button provided below. The registration will require an email address.

2. After submitting your registration on Binance, please verify your Binance account with the verification email sent by Binance. The verification email should be sent to your registered email.

3. Once the verification completed, Binance will automatically prompt for a 2FA (two factor authentication) with choices of SMS or Google App Authentication.

User can choose to skip 2FA security , however it is advisable for safety purpose. Accounts that are verified with 2FA will have higher deposit, exchange limit as well.

  • The Google Authentication app from Playstore or Applestore will be required and you will be prompted to scan the QR code or inputing the provided code manually every transaction.

Authentication code provided are advised to be noted down in case of phone loss

  • SMS Authentication will required to bind your phone number and a SMS will be sent for verification per transaction.

Country code will automatically prompt according to your current country , however please double confirm the country code before proceeding

4. After verifying your 2FA on the account , please proceed to the main menu for  Funds > Deposit > select the currency you wish to deposit or trade on the dropdown menu > proceed

Take note on not all currency are capable on exchanging to other currency thus proper research are advisable before attempting an exchange. Most of the currency will have the option on exchanging them to BTC (Bitcoin) or ETH (Ethereum).

5. Thats all covered for the basics and happy trading.

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